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We have designed our first ever exciting school holiday program across both centres. Book in early so you don’t miss out!



Dear valued NUBO customers,

In light of recent feedback for our new Chatswood Family Club, firstly we thank you for your honesty – it shows how much you care. We believe that with more transparent around the WHY, HOW and WHAT of NUBO, we will (hopefully) answer all queries.

There is so much work that goes on behind-the-scenes of a fast-growing startup such as NUBO. Good things certainly take time, and although it’s a little too early to unveil all, below are some of the more immediate plans designed to bring value to NUBO families’ time and investment.

  1. Family Club

NUBO Chatswood Family Club has been purposely established to offer members an exciting child minding service. This means parents can rest assured knowing their beautiful children will be looked after by trusted, familiar faces. We are giving ourselves the soft launch period of three months to iron out possible scenarios, and listen to customer feedback.

Our child-minding plans are well underway and will be available from the second half of 2018.

  1. Educational Workshops

Every NUBO workshop is built on weeks of brainstorming, planning and evaluating – a process dedicated to the creation of inclusive, playful, considered and inspiring experiences for children.

NUBO’S education team is a collective of passionate specialists who excel in their fields of art therapy, design, performing arts, music, dance, early years’ education, health and wellbeing. We are dedicated towards building meaningful experiences that support parents and children as they connect, learn and grow together.

We will be transitioning our current workshop calendar from a monthly to quarterly term with the objective of reflecting the school year for your convenience. This will enable NUBO to deliver more in-depth learning experiences reflective of our core value: learning through play. A longer workshop period will grant the time to work on projects for up to five weeks. A period designed to impart a sense of achievement for children … whilst having fun!

As such, we will be extending our current theme of “Animals we love” to finish in the first week of July.

Due to the wide variety of ages NUBO welcomes each day, from June 4th we will segment our workshops based on age groups (under 18 months, 18 months – 2 years, 3 – 5 years and 4 – 6 years). These categorised groups will ensure children gain the most value from their time at NUBO.

We are so proud of our purposely designed, award-winning spaces and hope our valued families can see NUBO is much more than meets the eye. Our specialists are some of the best, and maintain a wild imagination for well-curated, holistic workshops.

On a continuous journey of development, our website will serve as the key platform for ongoing updates and information. We will highlight what each workshop entails, its importance to your child’s growth and of course, the hero educator behind it.

Please continue to provide feedback and help us improve our services.

We appreciate your patience whilst we strive to be the best versions of ourselves. Our goal will always be to make NUBO the best space that it can be for all our loving families and friends.

Love from,

Team NUBO xx


‘Animals We Love’

Humans can be very cruel and lazy. Many wild animals are on the verge of extinction because of us. Pets are often mistreated due to negligence or abuse. Here at NUBO, we believe that the future generation can coexist peacefully with these beautiful creatures. Let’s teach our kids to share the love and have more empathy.

With this in mind, we want children and parents to explore animals of all kinds, so throughout June, the workshops at Chatswood will progress each week, over the next five weeks. Des will have Cubetto pacing through the park A Park Walk is a Robotics workshop also challenging children to program their own Cubetto journey. In the  Explore workshop room for A Farm Life children will use their sense of sight, smell and touch with farm materials. In the Imagine workshop room our two amazing newcomers, MJ; dance and graphic design specialist will be creating The Big Cats, using our imagination to recognise and identify the facial/body parts of big cats. Steven, the music and dance specialist, will be nurturing the kiddies in Feel the Wild with movement skills to create a dance routine, ready for parents to appreciate in NUBO’s very first mini-concert.

Sammy’s Groovin’ Animals and Jungle Orchestra workshop will continue to inspire the children to perform when she sings and recites her creative animal lyrics and extending her workshop to allow our young musicians to create their own songs and express themselves by singing. Arella’s Beautiful Sea Creatures workshop will ensure children have a beautiful array of ocean dwellers that kiddies make themselves. In The Aussie Bilby, Gemma will connect kiddies to an Australian native marsupial so we can appreciate their uniqueness. Finally, the Parents and Bubs workshops explore senses, so we listen, touch taste and smell a variety of yummy fruits, listen to relaxing original and familiar tunes and also shake, sometimes also dribble on instruments.

Click on the link to see workshop details :

Chatswood Whats on Calendar Term 2 Current +   Educational Blurbs-Term2-1

Check out the schedule below. Workshops are in age-specific workshops.


*Please note that our scheduled timings are subject to change as they are dependent on the number of customers in the centre. Our friendly and welcoming reception staff will be able to give you a comprehensive overview and update upon entry.