NUBO is an innovative new educational
play space that connects families
through purposeful design and quality
learning experiences.

The first of its kind in Australia, NUBO, meaning cloud, brings play back to its essence to create an environment that encourages families to play, explore, connect, grow and learn. By combining beautiful, highly designed and uncomplicated spaces with qualified staff and bespoke educational programs, we support children and their families to navigate the world of ‘Pure Play’ together.

NUBO applies a holistic approach to everything we do, encouraging children to explore the world by nurturing their curiosity, and finding their strengths and interests through our educational workshops, facilitated play and free play.

NUBO was conceptualised out of a desire to support and nurture connections between families because we believe adults and children are equally important. The space’s design allows adults to interact with their children as they read, create, build, climb and taste, or enjoy some quiet time away from their everyday duties whilst observing meaningful play from a safe distance. We know play nourishes children’s development and at NUBO, the sky is the limit. We offer three types of play experiences, free play where children can freely use the space, facilitated play where an educator follows the child’s lead and uses teaching strategies to guide play and learning; and structured workshops that follow a step by step process.

Facilitating play as opposed to structuring it, NUBO encourages children to focus on processes and not just outcomes, in turn inspiring creativity and imagination. The state-of-the-art design utilises different floor levels to define spaces instead of walls, soft lighting, natural materials, neutral palettes and curves to create a safe, calm but boundless environment for children and adults to explore.

NUBO boasts a range of elements and tools to nurture healthy minds, bodies and spirits. Features include a Lifesize treehouse where Children can curl up on a beanbag and read their favourite book; a Pretend Play village where imaginations run wild; a giant slide; the NUBO Café with an emphasis on healthy, wholesome food made fresh to order; four spacious workshop rooms including a Build room full of MagFormers, PlayFoam and Duplo, a Create room where children’s inner Picassos can shine, an Imagine room made for movin’ and groovin’, dancing, singing and acting and a Sensory room to engage the five senses, equipped with water play, kinetic sand and a giant protectory wall.


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