Smile at Reception

Smile at Reception

Step slow or quick as you climb to the top, but there's really no time for pure play to stop. Look out over the landscape
of joy underneath, and then feel a real rush of fun as you take a great leap.

Read in<br/>the Library

Read in
the Library

Explore far off lands, meet heroes, make friends, and see the beauty in life when things don't go to plan. Words take
our minds down the path and out the gate, so come turn a page - adventure awaits.

Create in<br/>the Art Studio

Create in
the Art Studio

Speak with your hands, or even your feet, it really doesn't matter if it's messy or neat. Take classes for art, paint and draw from your heart and find new ways to make your imagination start. What do you think you could create today? To find out, join our fun - it's the very best way. (Suitable for all ages)

Build in the Blue Room

Build in the Blue Room

We live in the future where technology is boundless, so we like to have fun with the new things around us. Big Blue Blocks, Kaleido Gears, and MagFormers, we've got the know how to make fresh minds transformers. (Suitable for all ages)

Imagine in<br/>the Dramatic Play Room

Imagine in
the Dramatic Play Room

Playtime is best when there's lots of fun toys, and there's so much in store for all girls and all boys. Markets, dolls, tools,
cars and workshops galore from music to dancing, let your imagination soar. For exciting events and all party occasions, you'll find what you're seeking in one of our locations. (Suitable for all ages)

Climb<br/>the Ropes

the Ropes

Climb to the top where you see far and wide, and grin ear to ear as you speed down the slide. Life has ups and downs all
over the place, so remember to enjoy them and keep a smile on your face. (Suitable for children over 4)

Float in<br/>the Ball Pit

Float in
the Ball Pit

Jump and dive, float and play, making each day unique in its own special way. Sometimes it's good fun to have your head
in a cloud, when your body goes too, and right here that's allowed. (Suitable for children under 4)

Taste in<br/>the Cafe

Taste in
the Cafe

Munch it and chew it, slurp it and taste it, when it comes to good food not a scrap should be wasted. With pizza
and cupcakes and everything yummy, take a class, make a meal - treat your tastebuds and tummy.